Investment opportunity information

From our extensive backgrounds in ethical and organic farming, organics, and agribusiness, the Green Agriventure’s team offers investment opportunities for everyday Australians in ethical agriculture. You can now own equity and share in the profitable businesses of authentic ethical and regenerative farmers who have the infrastructure, experience, and land.
The parallel ethical economy has given significant momentum to ethical holistic agribusiness. The ethical beef market (that is grass fed and finished regenerative and organically farmed) is one of the most robust niches underpinned with constant market drivers and high demand. It offers one of the strongest and most rewarding investment opportunities but has high barriers to entry requiring land, infrastructures, and farming experience. Our model gives access to this market, ensures ethical food supply chain security, integrates livestock health, and holistic methods, delivers high demand premium product, and supports the farmer, community, and the eco system. The capital growth and returns are consistently above average due to the exponential factors, and builds strong generational wealth.
The regenerative and organic livestock farming business is resilient, in high-demand and is profitable delivering on average 2-6 times greater returns than property over 5 & 10 years respectively and with an equivalent conservative risk profile. Market drivers underpinning this niche food supply chain confirm 40% under supply to demand in organic, and constant growth to 2030 and beyond generally. Through our model, you can now own your own herd, watch it grow as we manage it for you on our farms, and exit with exponential capital increase!

Investment Model

The Green Agriventure’s opportunity is a model that is rewarding for all parties. It also impacts ethical farming economies, the community, and the environment. You can now own part of this vital high-growth ethical supply chain, owning your own herd (and in some cases, your own land) as part of an ethical regenerative livestock operation starting with minimum $100k investment (ex GST). Green Agriventures provides farm infrastructure, grows your herd with ours, maximises its value, and we share in the rewards.

Livestock Investment Model
Type of Capital / Risk Equity, passive, ethical investment / conservative risk
Investment Amount/Term Min $100k (plus GST) 3-10 years (See full Investment Doc.)
Management Herd is managed by Green Agriventures with our farmers, land and, infrastructures
Business Growing premium bred herds with a breeding focus for capital growth and selling cattle at various weights and stages for cash flow; farming (grazier) status with tax deductions and CGT benefits
Structure Investor ('Grazier') owns the registered stock commodity (i.e., cattle) sourced by Green Agriventures who manages herd and sales exclusively for Grazier for agreed term
Equity + Security Investor ('Grazier') owns 100% of registered herd (inventory) which increases in number, weights, and value exponentially each year until exit; highly effectual risk mitigation strategy; opportunities for equity in select farming property
Financial Model In return for management, farms and infrastructures, Investor and Green Agriventures share in profits from sales
ROI Targets 3 & 5 yrs 20-30+% PA (plus significant tax benefits unique to investor’s primary producer status)
Exit Via sale of equity/livestock assets (inventory) at end of term to established markets

The Business And Operations

In our breeding focus program, revenues are generated by a mix of breeding the herd for growth and selling livestock for cash flow, profit and expenses. You are registered owner of 100% of the livestock inventory (commodity assets) which increases yearly with herd growth. You earn cash revenue from regular sales of a percentage of the herd. This is paid upon sales covering all expenses and providing cash returns. Green Agriventures, with our farmers manage your herd which is integrated into our herds. Regular reports are provided on your herd, sales and operations. Our farmers have experience, quality infrastructure, equipment, and pastureland. Regenerative and ethical farming reduces production costs and improves economies of scale which deliver consistent premium value livestock, and a profitable business.
You get all the benefits of owning a valuable exponentially growing herd without the responsibility and very high entry costs of running an operation.
Your cows birth calves (progeny) to the herd (inventory) each year which grow to various saleable ages. Some of these are sold at strategic stages of growth (1-3 times yearly) to established markets. Some are retained to grow the herd numbers, growing your assets and capital value. Your investment grows as your herd grows each year in weight (average of 220kg per year) and in numbers (added by calving yearly).

Returns And Exit

Your exit is achieved by selling your livestock inventory (assets) that have remained in the herd at the end of the period. The projections shown here represent lower average returns from past and current operations. Market fluctuations affect the cost of purchasing and selling of cattle. However, the outcomes for any market fluctuations are taken into consideration and represent typical averages of lower case scenarios. The ROI is made up of net revenues from sales plus the increasing value of the growing herd inventory (i.e., the livestock assets). The table shows a $100,000 (Ex GST) investment of 35-40 x starter Cows each with a calf at foot (i.e. a cow with a calf), with average gains and sales over terms.

Investment 100k Ex Gst Starting Herd of 35-40 PTIC (pregnant or with calves)
Breeding program (approx) 65%/35% : sell/breed
Tearm/Exit 3 5 7 10
Sales Revenue (cattle sold at sales during term) $ 83,160 $ 204,824 $ 384,893 $ 964,929
Sales of Inventory (exit year sell remaining herd) $ 200,120 $ 299,408 $ 450,386 $ 861,604
TOTAL INCOME $ 283,280 $ 504,232 $ 835,280 $ 1,826,533
Herd and Management Costs $ 102,766 $ 209,564 $ 369,534 $ 776,591
Manager 40% profit share on sales (after capital returned to investor on exit) $ 32,205 $ 77,867 $ 186,298 $ 419,977
TOTAL EXPENSES $ 134,971 $ 287,431 $ 555,832 $ 1,196,568
CASHFLOW $ 148,308 $ 216,801 $ 279,447 $ 629,965
CAPITAL -$ 100,000 -$ 100,000 -$ 100,000 -$ 100,000
NETT PROFIT $ 48,308 $ 116,801 $ 179,447 $ 529,965
ROI% (End Val + Yrly Profit - Cost Base)/ Cost Base 48.3% 116.8% 179.4% 530.0%
ROI Aver. Per Annum 16.1% 23.4% 35.9% 53.0%


Research confirms that ethical and organic beef outperforms property as a return on investment on average by 2-3 times over a 5-year period, and over a 10 year period, by 6-9 times. There is an exponential factor related to annual herd increase from birthing rates which significantly grows investment capital in addition to the revenue from sales. In fact, beef operations stack up as a conservative risk similar to property investment, all things considered, however, there are higher barriers to entry due mostly to costs of land, infrastructures and operations and the knowledge required to run a cattle operation. The Green Agriventures model overcomes the barriers to entry and in addition, has risk mitigation policies which enhance its viability. Risk mitigation includes the following:
The following tables reflect Returns on a $500k investment into housing with $500k investment with cattle in the Green Agriventures program:

Note: The figures presented here are derived from actual farm operations, past and current sales, and sales records at sales yards. They are pro forma and are based on lower return scenarios, combined with reducing the value of sales annually in order to remain conservative in expectations. For more information on financials and assumptions see full investment Document.

Key highlights of this opportunity:

Authentic ethical holistic farming delivers impact - not only on health with the quality and the nutrition, and the environment, but on our core values. The returns on investment are exceptional, but it is more than just the money, and that’s what drives our passion. Want to know more?

Authentic ethical holistic farming delivers impact - not only on health with the quality and the nutrition, and the environment, but on our core values. The returns on investment are exceptional, but it is more than just the money, and that’s what drives our passion. Want to know more?